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High-end bathroom market leader-www.i22138.com

Zhangzhou Ceramic Industrial Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer

Qualification Honors-太阳集团33138

Bolina has been awarded as “Chinese Well-Known trademark” issuedby SAIC-www.2138.com太阳集团

Bolina becomes the pioneer in the industry bypowerful R&D capacity as well as aesthetic design and high-end marketconsuming value creation. With awards, such as “Chinese Well-Known trademark”,excellent and wide selection of products and services extend to more than 30countries and regions.

Afterlisted on the mainboard of Hong Kong Stock Exchange in July 2012, withcontinuously rise of brand public praise and influence strength, it continuesto hold the titles of “Top 10 Sanitary Ware Bathroom Brand” etc., and listed as“2015 Forbes China up-and-comers”.-www.i22138.com-太阳集团33138

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